Résumé Package

Résumé Package: Résumé, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

Your three essentials - a great résumé, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and an engaging cover letter

Work with a CareerCOACH™ to update or create your package, including your résumé, cover letter and professional LinkedIn profile as a stand-alone service, or as part of a full CareerCOACH™ job search program. Use our COACH FINDER tool to choose a coach and schedule a free consultation!

The three essentials that every job applicant needs are a great résumé, an optimized LinkedIn profile, and an engaging cover letter. Each of these documents must represent more than your work experience – they must represent YOU – so that the right employers recognize that you’re the person they’re looking for. In addition, it’s critical that your résumé is optimized for both Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers.

Your Résumé

As you think about updating your résumé for your current job search, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. At first glance, would someone want to read my résumé?
  2. Is my résumé easily read both by hiring managers and applicant tracking systems?
  3. Is my résumé engaging enough to make it past the 30-second first read by a hiring manager?
  4. Does my résumé convey not only my work experience and the professional brand I want to establish, but what kind of person and what type of worker I am?

Your Résumé

In any hiring environment, if you truly want to get hired, you can’t afford to take chances that your résumé won’t do all four.

Now, when it comes to creating or updating your résumé, there are two key areas that job applicants frequently get wrong: layout strategy and content quality. Layout strategy and content quality are so important that even if you’ve accurately listed your job experience, skills, qualifications, and accomplishments, you can still miss the mark entirely – and miss out on getting hired. Your CareerCOACH™ will pinpoint exactly which approaches are problematic and how to correct them.

Your Cover Letter

Likewise, your cover letter needs to be dressed to impress: It must make a great impression in a short amount of time. It should convey what type of worker you are and what you uniquely bring to a job in a way that will truly connect with your ideal employer. Good subject lines result in opened emails. And great cover letters open doors.

Your Cover Letter

Your LinkedIn Profile

Now more than ever, your LinkedIn profile is the lead document in your résumé package. An effective LinkedIn profile is derived from a concise and carefully designed résumé. It’s critical, because it is the first place any recruiter or hiring manager will go to find a candidate.

Employers and recruiters will want to see your photo, your education and work experience, and to get a feel for who you are, what’s important to you, and what you’ve accomplished. How do you represent yourself in this vitally important space? Even if you have a top-notch résumé and cover letter, if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t reflect the same language, and the same level of excellence, experience, and engagement as your résumé, the best employers will simply move on to the next applicant.

Your LinkedIn Profile

And, just like with your résumé and cover letter, your LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized for hiring managers and automated applicant tracking systems (ATS). Your CareerCOACH™ will help you make it easy for employers to see your worth consistently among all of these important profiles.

CareerCOACH™ Services recommends conducting a job search that goes beyond posting to online job boards. You can learn more about our full process at our Services page, or by reaching out to one of our Certified CareerCOACHes™. Once you’ve completed your CareerCOACH™ Resume Package, our Influence Networking strategy is the best way to find the ideal job for you.


CareerCOACH™ Services is here for you! Teaming up with a Certified CareerCOACH™ can help you open doors – and keep them open. We are experts in creating engaging résumés, enticing cover letters, and LinkedIn pages that are optimized for potential employers and automated applicant tracking systems. We use time-tested tools and strategies to create materials that will get you noticed and help you connect with the best employers. This is important, because employers don’t just look for skills and qualifications. They look for right people to fill their open jobs. The higher up you rise in management, the more important you become, as well as the skills you bring to the job.

Whether you engage with your CareerCOACH for our full program, or for our stand-alone résumé optimization service, we will make your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile stand out from the stack.

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