Influence Networking

Our Influence Networking program shortens your job search from months to weeks

Have you been told by friends or advisors to “network” your way into a new job? That’s great advice, but no one ever tells you exactly how to go about it. You may find that tapping your LinkedIn contacts is largely fruitless, attending Chamber of Commerce events to find a job is generally a waste of time, and job fairs end up being a room full of job-seekers, with few quality hiring managers actually attending.

CareerCOACH’s proprietary Influence Networking strategy lets you skip fruitlessly posting to online job boards and attending countless networking meetings. Instead, we provide you specific direction to help you connect with decision-makers and get referred into the job you want. Best of all, our Influence Networking program shortens your job search from months to weeks.

For Recent Grads to Established Professionals

For Recent Grads to Established Professionals

If you’re a professional who’s happy with your career path and ready to advance by changing jobs, our Influence Networking offers one of the best ways to take that step. If you’re looking to change careers, perceive your age as an obstacle to getting hired, or have skill gaps needed to get you into a new career, our Influence Networking strategy is made for you as well.

After You’ve Got That Perfect Résumé

If you’ve already worked with your CareerCOACH™ to craft the perfect résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, now’s the time move forward toward a career that meets your goals. (If you haven’t chosen a CareerCOACH™ and updated your résumé package, that’s the best place to start!)

Once your résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are polished and optimized, and you’ve done the work to make sure you’re on the best career path for your life and goals, it’s time to tap into your Influence Network to accelerate your search for a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

After You’ve Got That Perfect Résumé
Leverage Your Influence Network to Land Your Perfect Job

Leverage Your Influence Network to Land Your Perfect Job

This is where your CareerCOACH™ shows you how to access jobs that may be revealed by working with influential contacts in your network. We help you avoid fruitlessly posting to online job boards or placement firms that can waste time and resources. Instead, through our Influence Networking system, you’ll discover how to leverage resources you already have to get referred into the job you want. This process saves time, can reveal available jobs that aren’t even publicly posted yet, and can match you with a job that’s truly the right fit for you.


Personal Growth

You and your coach will uncover any obstacles that are holding you back from the career you want, such as a skill gap. Next, you’ll get very specific, envisioning and describing the job you want. Then, you will develop a list of your personal contacts who are influential in your community or industry.

Network Assessment

Next, your CareerCOACH™ will lead you through a process of assessing your network of influential connections. You’ll discover that it’s perhaps not who you know, but who they know, that leads you to the interviews you’re seeking.

Materials Creation & Execution

Finally, we’ll lead you through our step-by-step, proven process for contacting and working with trusted advisors in your network to help you achieve your career goals by getting referred into your ideal job. We’ll provide you with templates, instructions, practice, and everything you need to succeed.

By the way, we understand that searching for a job can be daunting and even intimidating. But over and over again, we hear from our clients how well this process works for them. Our extroverted clients tell us they love our Influence Networking process because it involves talking to people. Introverts love it because it’s a step–by-step, proven process they can follow to their new job.

There’s no guesswork. And it works.

Execution and Accountability

Your CareerCOACH™ will support you for two months once you’re in the execution phase. Your coach will also provide motivation to achieve goals and complete steps at an agreed-upon pace. We’ll also help you construct interview questions, run practice interviews, teach you how to successfully interview online and in-person, review offer letters, and guide you on salary negotiations.

When you are finished, you will have:

  1. A system of contacting influential people who can provide input, advice, build your confidence, and refer you into their valuable network as you seek your new job.
  2. Specific language for meetings, referral recommendations, introductions, and follow-ups to ensure meetings occur, referrals are requested, and that they’re successful.
  3. Sixty days of access to your CareerCOACH™ via email, phone, and text to assist with interview questions, offer letters, and strategy refinement.

When you are finished with the Influence Networking Program, you will have...

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