Change Work into Passion

Do you want to reset your career path? Are you ready to have more than just a job? Are you looking for a career that fits your preferred working style, work culture, allows you to do work you’re passionate about, and where you can thrive? Then this is the coaching plan for you.

The CareerCOACH™ Change Work into Passion package includes the complete CareerCOACH System™. It is the most complete and robust approach to improving your career.

The process starts with a free consultation, matching you with your CareerCOACH™ and laying out where you’ve been, where you are now, and very specifically where you want to go with your career.

Next, our signature Change Work into Passion Package includes the following four coaching sessions:

Session 1: Passion & Purpose


Passion & Purpose

In this session, you will complete the Passion and Purpose workbook (included), which will help you discover activities and passions you’ve been enjoying all your life, but never analyzed which of them will allow you to thrive in your career. You will explore with your Certified CareerCOACH™ what motivates you – and what you find intrinsically rewarding. You will learn how doing work you love adds fulfillment to your life and makes you more successful at work.

Session 2: Career Discovery


Career Discovery

In this session, you will complete three extensive assessments to determine and describe your natural behavior style, your personal values, and the balance of tasks in your ideal work environment. Your results are immediately available for review and discussion with your CareerCOACH™.

These assessments can produce more than 29,000 different results. The results of your assessments will apply specifically and uniquely to you; your Certified CareerCOACH™ will guide you through the results debrief and analysis. We know you’ll be thrilled with the insights and opportunities this can open up for you.

One of the main takeaways from this session is a unique listing of jobs you would enjoy based upon your personality style and preferences. You and your CareerCOACH™ will explore earnings possibilities, education and skill requirements, and even how many such jobs are expected to be available in your area over the next year – so you’re not chasing rabbits trying to find work.

Résumé, LinkedIn, Cover Letter


Résumé, LinkedIn, Cover Letter

Our Change Work Into Passion package also includes our full résumé package. Your Certified CareerCOACH™ will work with you to create a fully-optimized résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Of course, each of these pieces is crucial to an effective job search. We are experts in creating stand-out LinkedIn pages, enticing cover letters, and engaging résumés that get you noticed. You can learn more about our robust Résumé Package here. It’s fully included in our “Change Work into Passion” package.

Session 4: Influence Networking


Influence Networking

Lastly, our Change Work Into Passion package includes our proprietary Influence Networking strategy.

Everyone tells you to network, but where can you find specifics on how to network effectively? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Influence Networking is a complete job-search system that you will only find at CareerCOACH™. It includes a step-by-step job search process to help you develop your job narrative and leverage influential contacts in your own network. This allows you to bypass the endless online job search and get referred into the job you want. You will also discover insights into your career-related strengths and weaknesses before you start contacting potential employers for interviews, to give you an even greater assurance of success.

The CareerCOACH™ Influence Networking program gets rave reviews from clients and is proven to drastically shorten the job search process – and help professionals land jobs that are the perfect fit. In fact, we’ve found that this system shortens the job search to 6 – 9 weeks instead of 6 – 9 months.

We think that accomplishing all of this in just four sessions is an astounding value.

This program can help you accelerate your search for the career advancement position you’re seeking. In fact, our clients typically find a job in 6 – 9 weeks, instead of 6 – 9 months!

When you complete this program, you will have:


An understanding of your personal passions and how to fulfill them in the workplace.


A clear and detailed picture of what types of careers will be fulfilling to you.


A perspective on your personal behavioral style and the styles of people you will likely enjoy working for and with.


A list of open jobs and requirements in your desired field and geographic area.


A system of contacting influential people who can provide input, advice, build your confidence, and refer you into their valuable network as you seek your new job.


Specific language for meetings, referral recommendations, introductions, and follow-ups to ensure meetings occur, referrals are requested, and that they’re successful.


Sixty days of access to your CareerCOACH™ via email, phone, and text to assist with interview questions, offer letters, and strategy refinement.


Expert guidance, accountability, and encouragement from your Certified CareerCOACH™.


Everything you need to improve your career, find work you love that meets your compensation goals, at a place where you can thrive.

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