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The Alignment Consultation is a great opportunity for you and a vital step in the success of your CareerCOACHing program.

This complimentary consultation is packed with value. The Alignment Consultation starts with an in-depth look at your career and personal goals. We discuss where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to go next in your career. We’ll touch on what were your original goals as you graduated from college and how they’ve developed in your career to this point. Importantly, we’ll also help you evaluate how your decisions may impact you and your family as you change forward.

This session gives you a chance to meet the CareerCOACH™ you’ve chosen or been matched with and begin building a trusted relationship.

This process is a vital first step to ensure that you get maximum value in working with your coach – which starts with your commitment to yourself and to your coaching program.

The Alignment Consultation also ensures that you and your coach are matched for optimal success. Use our Find Your Coach tool below and schedule your free Alignment Consultation today. Your next great career is waiting for you!