Advance Your Career

Are you a career professional who is happy with your career path and ready to advance by changing jobs? If so, the CareerCOACH™ Advance Your Career program was designed for you.

You’ll start off with an Alignment Consultation – a free service that matches you with your CareerCOACH™ and explores where you’ve been, where you are now, and very specifically where you want to go with your career.

Following your Alignment Consultation, the Advance Your Career package includes three sessions with your Certified CareerCOACH™. Sessions 1 and 2 are focused on creating your job-search marketing materials: your fully-optimized résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Each of these pieces is crucial to an effective job search. We are experts in creating stand-out LinkedIn pages, enticing cover letters, and engaging résumés that get you noticed.

Session 1 - Résumé



In this session, your Certified CareerCOACH™ will work with you to create a fully-optimized résumé that will be enticing to recruiters and employers and readable by applicant tracking systems (ATS). Together with your CareerCOACH™, you will craft a résumé that highlights your passions, style, motivations, and previous successes. In addition, your résumé will follow critical formatting guidelines, and importantly, avoid common mistakes made by job applicants and even some job coaches. Learn more about our robust Résumé Package here.

SESSION 2 - LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter


LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter

Now more than ever, an engaging, complete, and optimized LinkedIn profile is essential to your job search. Through this coaching session, your LinkedIn profile will be fully optimized to attract recruiters, as well as matching your profile to your résumé – a necessity to avoid confusion by recruiters and potential employers.

Likewise, your cover letter needs to be dressed to impress: It must make a great impression in a short amount of time. It should convey what type of worker you are and what you uniquely bring to a job in a way that will truly connect with your ideal employer. And don’t forget: Good subject lines result in opened emails. And great cover letters open doors.

Next, in Session 3, you will learn how to find your ideal job without online job boards or placement firms. You’ll discover the resources you already have to create your perfect career path.

SESSION 3 - Influence Networking


Influence Networking

This strategy is a complete job-search system that you will only find at CareerCOACH™ Services. It includes a step-by-step job search process to help you leverage influential contacts in your own network so that you can bypass the online job search and get referred into the job you want. You will also discover insights into your career-related strengths and weaknesses before you start contacting potential employers, to give you an even greater assurance of success. Each encounter with your network is just like interviewing without the pressure to perform, as you polish your responses and the questions you ask.

Our CareerCOACH Influence Networking program gets rave reviews from clients and is proven to drastically shorten the job search process – and help professionals land jobs that are the perfect fit.

This program can help you accelerate your search for the career advancement position you’re seeking. In fact, our clients typically find a job in 6 – 9 weeks, instead of 6 – 9 months!

When you’ve completed this program, you will have:


A fully-optimized and compelling LinkedIn profile, résumé and cover letter reflecting your talents, history, passions, and values. Our résumés open doors!


A system of contacting people through you network of influential people who can provide input and advice – and help you skip the job boards and get referred into your next job.


Sixty days of access to your CareerCOACH™ via email, phone, and text to assist with interview questions, offer letters, and strategy refinement.


Expert guidance, accountability, and encouragement from your Certified CareerCOACH™.

Accelerate your job search. Find a more meaningful and rewarding career.