Irina Doytcheva, BA

Certified CareerCOACH™


CareerCOACH™ Services of the Greater Chicago Area
Chicago, IL 60056

Irina Doytcheva, BA, Certified CareerCOACH™

Irina Doytcheva is a TTI Success Insights® DISC Certified, TTI-Motivators® Certified, and CareerCOACH Certified™ career advancement expert. Irina is dedicated to inspiring confidence in her clients and guiding them toward meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding careers. Irina serves clients in the Greater Chicago, Illinois, region, as well as working with clients across the US and internationally.

Irina has completed extensive training to earn CareerCOACH™ Certification, TTI Success Insights® DISC, and TTI-Motivators® Certifications. This training is at the core of the CareerCOACH System™, which employs a series of science and psychology-based tools that accelerate job finding and help clients find meaningful and rewarding employment. These critical foundational steps are key to focusing the job search on a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

With a rich background spanning over a decade in corporate human resources, total compensation market analysis, bonus plan design, role evaluations, and promotions, Irina has had the privilege of partnering with executives from over twenty-five countries. Her global perspective uniquely positions her to understand what is important to people in compensation globally, giving a significant advantage to her clients as they prepare for salary negotiation.

Irina feels especially connected to clients who are uncertain about their next step, professionals in need of a confidence boost, individuals with undefined boundaries with their employer, or those who struggle with feelings of self-doubt. She specializes in empowering C-suite and Senior C-suite executives, guiding them through the clarity of vision and impactful leadership they crave. Furthermore, Irina extends her expertise to diverse organizations facing distinctive talent transitions, ensuring their former team members transition seamlessly into their next successful roles.

During client engagements, Irina emphasizes fostering self-worth, self-love, self-respect, and confidence. Recognizing that many talented individuals underestimate their capabilities due to past experiences or toxic work environments, she employs a grounded and empathetic approach, attentive to her clients' needs. Irina's philosophy centers around individuality, understanding that each person requires a uniquely tailored career guidance approach. Her ultimate objective is to inspire her clients to introspect, challenge themselves, and trust their intuition as they navigate their career journeys.

Irina firmly believes that the initial step in achieving success in one's career is rediscovering authenticity, innate gifts, and talents. The CareerCOACH System’s use of behavior assessments, DISC® tools, coaching, and guiding professionals through self-reflection and self-discovery is highly effective in helping our clients choose careers, roles, and employers that will further their success and job satisfaction.

Clients consistently express their deep appreciation for Irina's remarkable ability to inspire and uplift. They attest to the trust, care, and empathy she effortlessly embodies, describing the experience of working with her as not only empowering but also as a refreshing embrace of simplicity and authenticity, qualities that her clients genuinely cherish. This transformative journey led by Irina has a profound impact, making individuals feel not just like "a million bucks," but also grounded in their true selves.

Irina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Economics with a Minor in Politics from Lake Forest College in Illinois. This, combined with her fluency in Bulgarian and entry-level proficiency in Spanish, further enriches her diverse skill set, making her an in-demand expert in career development and human resources.

"Dream It. Act Upon It. Achieve It."