Bernard Douthit, MS

Certified CareerCOACH™


CareerCOACH™ Services of Denver, CO
Denver, CO 80014

Bernard Douthit | Certified CareerCOACH™

Bernard Douthit is a TTI Success Insights® DISC Certified, TTI-Motivators® Certified, and CareerCOACH™ Certified job coach expert. As he joins CareerCOACH™ Services expanding our outreach to Denver, Colorado, Bernard brings his passion for helping his clients overcome every roadblock on their path to success. Bernard’s proven success as a business executive and business owner, combined with his exceptional aptitude for solving complex business problems, provide real advantages to his Denver-area CareerCOACH™ clients.

Bernard loves coaching, he says, because he enjoys helping people solve problems and reach their full potential. He experiences that daily in his work as a coach which he says is not that different from his former life as the owner of Denver Math Experts, where he tutored children and adults in math while also providing them with support and guidance along the way.

Bernard became a licensed and Certified CareerCOACH™ after learning about the CareerCOACH™ System, the most robust and complete approach to helping job seekers reach their full potential. For Bernard, it’s not just about helping people find a great job, it’s about helping them find a great career.

He challenges his clients take measurable risks, follow their passions, and do something they’ve been hesitant to do – like starting their own business or choosing an entirely new career direction.

Bernard has noticed that increasingly, people are choosing to work with career coaches as the job market evolves. “This is an exciting development, because I am ready to guide my clients to more satisfying, better-fit careers that will be a great match for them long term.”

He admires the athletic coaching style of Kansas City Chief coach Andy Reid. “Andy is a servant-coach,” Bernard says. “He leads by teaching with humility and awareness that each person is an individual and is motivated by different things. I bring that to my CareerCOACH™ practice. You can always improve – whether you’re a client or a mentor.”

Bernard earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in Management from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

He keeps his clients focused on the idea that anything is possible, and looks forward to helping you accelerate your job search and helping you make your next great career move!

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
~ Wayne Dyer