Licensed Coaching Careers

Are you a business or life coach, career coach, or HR professional looking for new career opportunities and to expand your business? Consider becoming a Licensed and Certified CareerCOACH™!

Become a Licensed and Certified CareerCOACH™

CareerCOACH™ Services is looking for energetic, motivated, people-focused business coaching and consulting professionals who are ready to expand their practices through the ultimate job coaching program, the CareerCOACH System™. The CareerCOACH System™ is a proven process that accelerates the search for a career that aligns with job seekers’ passions and meets their compensation goals.

We offer opportunities to license our CareerCOACH System™, allowing you to build a dedicated CareerCOACHing™ practice where you can help others thrive – while creating excellent business and revenue opportunities for yourself. You can also license the CareerCOACH System™ as a way to build on your existing life or business coaching practice, if you envision career coaching as a service you wish to emphasize in your business.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Licensed and Certified CareerCOACH™:

  1. CareerCOACH™ Services licensing is a flexible business opportunity that allows you to make a better living from your coaching or consulting business.
  2. CareerCOACH™ licensing and certification offers you a proven job coaching process to help your clients become more successful, creating greater success for you.
  3. Becoming a licensed and certified CareerCOACH™ provides a turnkey method for confidently expanding your coaching or consulting business into the job-seekers market.
  4. CareerCOACH™ Certification provides you with expert-level training to effectively help people achieve their career goals and significantly impact their lives.
  5. Displaying the CareerCOACH Systems™ Certification logo lends an additional level of credibility and achievement to your coaching resume and marketing materials.
  6. Becoming a licensed and certified CareerCOACH™ gives you access to professional marketing support to enhance the success of your job coaching business.
  7. Affiliation with CareerCOACH™ Services through our company LinkedIn page broadens your exposure by being part of a growing brand and a national team of active, high-achieving peer coaches.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Licensed and Certified CareerCOACH™

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Speed up your job search.
Find a more meaningful & rewarding career.

CareerCOACH is different than any other job search program or individual job coach on the market. To learn how we’re difference read our short article on The CareerCOACH Difference.