About Us

CareerCOACH™ Services was founded in 2006 by Bob Britz

Founded in 2006.

CareerCOACH™ Services was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur, technology expert, mentor, and human behavior and motivation expert, Bob Britz of Walnut Creek, California. During the course of his corporate career and through volunteer work mentoring hundreds of high school and college students, Bob discovered the inadequacies of the typical job search. He also recognized that an effective job search begins with who is the job seeker and what motivates them.

Combining years of meticulous research and development, Bob Britz’s CareerCOACH System™ uniquely integrates all leading theories in human behavior and assessments. Added to that is a precise methodology that accelerates the job search and gives career-seekers access to jobs they can’t find by searching online job boards. The result is the most robust, rigorous, and effective job search method available. In simple terms, the CareerCOACH System™ is completely different from the typical job search and yields far better results. The proof is the successful placement of thousands of professionals in careers they find both meaningful and financially rewarding.

The CareerCOACH™ System first reveals the job-seeker’s workstyle preferences and communication styles.

Then, through a lively and engaging process with their dedicated coach, the process arms the job-seeker with proven steps and powerful tools to gain access to the best jobs. CareerCOACH™ job-seekers skip the online job search and go straight to the people who matter.

Careers for Coaches, too.

In 2019, CareerCOACH™ launched a licensing and certification program to allow independent life and business coaches a chance to expand their offerings and reach more clients through the CareerCOACH System™.

Under Bob Britz’s guidance and mentorship, each CareerCOACH™ is selected for their interpersonal skills, dedication, education, accomplishments, and passion for helping others to thrive. Coaches then work with Bob in an intensive process of coaching, training, and mentoring. Through this process, licensee coaches earn a series of certifications, providing them with expert-level knowledge to help job-seekers achieve their career goals and significantly impact their lives.

We have created a certification program for Coaches.

This program is life-changing for coaches and clients alike. While working with their dedicated CareerCOACH™, every client learns how to achieve personal and corporate success through honest assessment and inspired action plans. Clients learn skills and master concepts that serve them for a lifetime. Coaches can make a good living doing work that they love and helping others succeed.

CareerCOACH™ serves local, national, and international job-seekers.